Posted by on February 11, 2016

A few weeks ago, the singer announced that she was collaborating with one of the most fascinating dance groups in Uganda, Tabu Flo, whose talent and skill has attracted several music fanatics and worldwide press recognition like CNN.

Ekky is on another one! Her song ‘Do You Remember’ which she premiered a couple of weeks ago on Radiocity got spiced up with a crazy dance music video featuring the rumbustious dance company, Tabu Flo.

Forget about the usual ratchetness of music dancers; Tabu Flo blend fashion and style with the sheer dancing talent to give ‘Do You Remember’ an extra hand on the visual scene. The amazing scenes from port bell give the video a great texture.

Tabu Flo Spice Up Ekky’s ‘Do You Remember’ With A Crazy Dance Video

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