Faizal ddamba aka mostrixx is an urban dance artist into who does breaking, popping, hip hop dance and African dance fusing it with modern contemporary dance giving it a rhythmic texture. Ddamba started dancing at the age of 9 in Primary school level, participating in music dance and drama (MDD). Joined break dance project Uganda, A youth founded project that uses break dance and other elements of hip hop bridging young people together for a positive social change in societies. Ddamba is currently member of Tabu flo Dance Company Tabu Flo and choreographer of Vizurii dance crew; dance instructor at the Antonio’s dance studio in Kampala Uganda, with a passion of dance Ddamba is dance tutor at the Ambrosoli international school Kampala Uganda

ARCHIVEMENETS AND PERFORMANCE HISTORY Created performance with break dance project Uganda (BPU) about the positive roles hip hop in the society (2010). Winner of the popping battle (3*)at the annual hip hop for the society event organized by BPU. Breaking free a corroborative dance theater production of Uganda, Germany and France about the life of the nine dancers in Kampala (2012) Performed own creation “The dream” at the Dance week festival Uganda National theater, As a member of Tabu Flo got involved in choreographing a dance musical production with entitled “Egwanga Uganda” Uganda at 50 years (2012). Recommended by the director of the Uganda Germany cultural society (UGCS) on a moving Africa program to represented Uganda at the visa to dance festival in Tanzania.(2012) 2012 performed own creation solo Emergency exit at the dance transmission festival in Uganda, Winner of the Samsung dance klatch solo category (2012). Choreographed winning pies of vizurii dance crew at the dance heaven dance competition (2012)