Philip is a Ugandan born dance Artist, teacher, choreographer and actor, he has been dancing since 2003, his dance history all began in a church ministry where he was a member, He has been part of break dance project Uganda since 2006 till present and is involved in teaching fellow youth. Philip has achieved various dance experience locally and internationally.
He specializes in hip hop, Break dance, popping and also other styles like African contemporary, Afro hip hop and African dance.
He is also a dance instructor and has been involved in teaching locally and internationally for example besides teaching in Kampala he has taught in Edinburg, Germany, Poland Holland etc Phillip is also has been a member of Tabu flo dance company since 2009 and also a choreographer as he has been part of choreography in Tabu flo dance company and own solos.
Philip is an actor by profession besides being a dance artist featuring in movies like IMANI, (, he also has passion for Film and directing