Batalo East is a not-for‐profit company limited by guarantee and registered in Uganda in 2013. Started by Abdul Kinyenya, It is composed of some of the members of Tabu Flo Dance Company, Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) and other freelance dance organizations who are committed to the idea of bringing traditional and urban dances together in order to preserve and develop African cultural heritage and development of new forms of dance.

The Goal: Increase knowledge and prominence of traditional dance, alongside urban dance, by fostering creative integration of the two styles, developing globally-aware young people who are in touch with their African culture, and dancers who are bringing world-class Afro fusion dance to the international stage.

Mission: Linking and strengthening the traditional and urban arts together to encourage innovation in the arts, preservation of culture, and ultimately, the development of young people who have strong roots in their home culture, a sense of identity and place, but who are also equipped with skills and confidence to engage and contribute to an increasingly internationalized and borderless world.


  1. Learning: Develop world-class urban and traditional dancers through the provision of quality traditional dance education to urban dancers and young people in Uganda and the region.
  2. Creating Space: Form a conducive and open space for dancers and young people to practice and experiment with urban and traditional dance styles in a safe and constructive environment.
  3. Networking: Establish a professional network linking Ugandan dancers and interested young people with regional and international expertise, collaboration and performance possibilities, promoting excellence and innovation in traditional and urban fusion dance.10583976_646709268770536_4680948126122874880_nfor more information please check out