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A little bit of our evoloving story

Welcome to our site. Here is a little bit of our evolving story as our journey in the dance industry continues

The members of Tabu-Flo met while dancing with Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU), an organization that uses breakdance and other elements of hip hop for positive social change. With BPU, the members of Tabu Flo have been teaching and performing breakdance throughout Uganda, working with various government, community and faith-based organizations, NGOs, artists and festivals. Through their continued involvement with BPU, the members of Tabu Flo remain committed to Ugandan youth, leading and encouraging the development of hip hop dance in the country.
They have been using their dance as a means of connection and cross cultural exchange in different countries. To complement their work as a part of BPU, the members of Tabu Flo came together to create a dance company, combining their individual talents in a professional performance group. Several members of Tabu Flo have had experience with other styles of dance, performing with different African and contemporary dance companies, both in Uganda and abroad. They seek to use this experience to enhance their specialty, which is breakdance and hip hop.
In this way, the members of Tabu Flo are working to reach an international standard of hip hop dance, while remaining uniquely Ugandan and committed to their beginnings with BPU. The goal of Tabu-Flo is to bring dance to a new level of professionalism, talent and creativity in Uganda and to engage in dance internationally, representing Uganda and Africa. The group specializes in afro- hip hop dance, and specifically breaking, but has also performed such styles as African and modern contemporary, dance hall and afro beat among others
Team Tabu Flo

Zziwa Hakim "Hak Focus"

Lex "Told" Mwesiga

Buyi Roy Philip "Kkoolo"

Abdul "Abdanger" Kinyeenya

Vee Viccy Namuyombya

Faizal "Mostrixx" Ddamba

Roz Merie Atim

Antonio "Bukhar" Sebuuma

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Abdul Kinyenya visiting ESM school in Munich, Germany 2016

“From the dusty playground to the international stage”, this is how CNN described the sensational success of the Ugandan hip Hop/breakdance formation “Tabu Flo”, translating as “chaos that flows”. Abdul Kinyenya Muyingo, also called Abdanger, is one of the dancers

Tabu Flo featured in Ekky’s Do you remember

A few weeks ago, the singer announced that she was collaborating with one of the most fascinating dance groups in Uganda, Tabu Flo, whose talent and skill has attracted several music fanatics and worldwide press recognition like CNN. Ekky is

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